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The Show
Dr. Rick is known as "the coolest veterinarian in the world", and why not? He's hip, he's funny, he's a snappy dresser and he knows a helluva lot about animals. The ladies like him as well.

Dr. Rick was fine and happy living his life as a veterinarian until he met Disco Scottie and Miss Kathleen. They started filling his head with visions of fame, glory and free T-shirts that come along with being the expert on a talk radio show. The lure proved too strong, and eventually he decided to give it a shot. 337 promotional tees later, Dr. Rick is now so comfortable behind the microphone, he's branched out into television, appearing every Monday and Friday on FOX 35's Good Day Orlando. We hear the ladies really like that.

When he's not setting the radio or TV waves on fire with his endless animal knowledge, Dr. Rick can be found practicing his craft at Longwood Vet Clinic (which he just happens to own, thankyouverymuch).

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Disco Scottie is chief droolmeister and self-proclaimed comic relief. Well, at least he can drool. Disco Scottie wanted to be a talk show host most of his life. At the tender age of seven, he was a fixture as a regular caller on an overnight show in Orlando. You have to wonder where his parents were while he was calling a radio station at two in the morning!

Probably due to illness suffered by lack of sleep as a child, Disco Scottie decided to become a rock star. When that didn't work out as planned, he got married and started Pookie Bros. Pet Sitting with his wife Miss Kathleen. 13 dogs, 5 birds, 3 cats, 2 sugar gliders and 2 bunnies later, it hit him like a fully loaded pooper scooper - why not host a radio show about pets? The rest is history.

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Miss Kathleen doesn't like people who don't spay or neuter their pets. Miss Kathleen doesn't like people who get rid of their animals because they aren't willing to accept the responsibility. Miss Kathleen doesn't like people who feed stray cats but don't get them fixed. Miss Kathleen can kick your ass with her attitude tied behind her back. Don't mess with Miss Kathleen.

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