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Episode 72 (03.30.01) - Did you know a cat’s claws can grow back after being declawed? Find out all about it, plus much more!
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MARCH 2001
Episode 71 (03.24.01) - Fleas on cats, thyroid problems, introducing new animals and more!
Episode 67 (02.10.01) - The shortest episode of PetPhones ever! Find out how to keep a guinea pig from stinking. (show abbreviated due to basketball broadcast)
Episode 66 (02.03.01) - Should you board your cat or hire a pet sitter? Plus, eggbound birds, stinky Cocker ears, a good dog for your mom and lots more!
Episode 65 (01.27.01) - A special tribute to Momma Mia, the puppy mill Minpin who taught us what living truly is.

Episode 59 (11.16.00) - Dr. Rick and the gang tell you what steps to take to help find your lost pet. Plus, stimulating conversation about... pregnant chads?!?

Episode 58 (11.09.00) - An exclusive interview with Steve Horneffer, President of the board of directors overseeing the Humane Society of Seminole County. Are they making a change for the better? Plus, your calls!

Episode 57 (11.02.00) - Do you (or your dog) squirt when the doorbell rings? Find out how to stop this embarrassing problem. Plus, an update on puppy mill raids in Missouri, your calls and much more.

Episode 56 (10.26.00) - It's our Halloween Safety Special! And Phat Tomm's live in the house! This might be the craziest edition of PetPhones you've ever heard!

Episode 55 (10.19.00) - Another pitbull attack, another pitbull discussion. Plus, what to do with a carsick puppy.

Episode 54 (10.12.00) - Pet food: all-natural vs. artificially preserved. It's a showdown between Miss Kathleen and Dr. Rick. Plus, should you get a new friend for your old dog?

Episode 53 (10.05.00) - The "all-kitty" edition... feline kidney disease, spaying your cat, unprovoked attacks and more!

Episode 52 (09.28.00) - Why hip dysplasia isn't very hip at all. Plus, Dr. Rick teaches us about... electro ejaculation? You don't want to miss this!

Episode 50 (09.14.00) - Hyperthyroidism in cats, Dr. Rick's new TV gig, your calls and more!

Episode 49 (09.06.00) - Difficult doggie birth, scooping poop, Miss Kathleen's stinky feet and more!

Episode 48 (08.31.00) - Pancreatitis, cats having kittens, rampaging elephants, voting in radio popularity polls... just another typical day at the PetPhones office.

Episode 47 (08.24.00) - Donald and Janice Jones of Fox 35 News at Ten join the gang live in the studio!

Episode 46 (08.17.00) - The word no one wants to hear... cancer. Learn all about how it can affect your pets.

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