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Tuesday, October 10, 2000
Dr. Rick was back at the clinic today so Momma went in to see him. He was immediately concerned her kidneys had taken a turn for the worse. He drew some blood and hoped he was wrong. We’ve kept her kidneys functioning fairly well for 3 years with a low protein diet and lots of love.

Love was the biggest factor missing in Momma’s life up until Lee and her friend saw her at the Country Rose auction. Momma was known only as #100. No name, no blanket, no lap to lay on and no hope. But she was one of the lucky ones that fateful day. She joined Meryl and Harrison and Sigourney as her name became Mia. The 19 dogs they liberated that day went to the shelter known as Hearts United for Animals. There they received the love and care they deserved. All of them had health problems of some sort or another. All of them had rotten teeth from years of eating dog food the equivalent of sawdust. None of them had felt grass beneath their feet, some took to it immediately with joy while others were nervous and unsure. Momma Mia (as we lovingly call her) was most happy to get a blanket. All minpins must sleep buried beneath a blanket. She had never done that. She was protective of that blanket, too. She and the others spent a few months recuperating and getting strong enough in body and spirit to start new lives in real homes.

This is when I saw her on the Internet. I emailed the shelter my gratitude for them saving all the Country Rose dogs, but mostly for them saving Mia. I told them I’d been doing minpin rescue in Florida for a few years and had a pretty good system of screening appropriate minpin homes. I would be happy to help in any way I could. Somehow I started talking to a prospective minpin person here about Mia way up in Nebraska. This person was Alice and she was interested in her. I sent her to the webpage and she decided that was the minpin she wanted. Alice and the HUA people got hooked up and the process began for Mia to come here. I was ecstatic! I left the details of the adoption up to Alice and HUA. I only knew I would get to meet Mia at the airport as Scottie and I were going to take her to her new home.

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Hearts United for Animals is the shelter that saved Mia. Visit their website to find out what you can do to help stop the horror.