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Ramirez is NINE!!!
Wow... nine years old. Ramirez was the very first dog Miss Kathleen and Disco Scottie took into their home. He was purchased from a backyard breeder, and way back then MK and DS didn't have a clue about how to take care of a dog, much less where you should (or shouldn't) get one from. Luckily, they stumbled onto Dr. Rick's vet clinic, and the rest is history.

Ramirez is Miss Kathleen's heart and soul. He's the dog who unlocked the gift within her, and now nine years later she's helped find homes for hundreds of animals who otherwise might not have had a chance. Not too shabby for a ten pound minpin with a bad attitude.

Special thanks to The Doggie Door for making a wonderful birthday cake befitting of such a fine canine!

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