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Meet Hefner, The New Bunny
Miss Kathleen has a thing for bunnies. Her first one, Starsky, was a rescue that came to us by way of a school teacher who planned to let the classroom pet go free since she was taking a summer vaction. Not a good idea, Ms. Teacher-Person! It wasn't long before "the bunny that couldn't be touched" (according to the teacher) was practically demanding attention from Kath. Another day, another animal saved!

Fast forward to the day before Valentine's, 2001. While on a routine mission at Seminole County Animal Services, Miss Kathleen bumps into the little beastie you see below. Turns out a small child purchased a bunny at the flea market over the weekend, and mom decided there was no way this kid was gonna keep it. So here's the bunny, and here's Miss Kathleen, and here's Disco Scottie saying, "oh no, no more bunnies."

Anyway, this is Hefner, our new bunny. Dr. Rick doesn't know if it's a boy or girl yet, as it's still a bit too young to tell. And yes, that's Ramirez cuddling with Hef in the bottom photo... he loves baby bunnies!

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