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Disco Scottie at the 2nd Annual Jim Philips Celebrity Shoot
Disco Scottie took a break from the world of animals on Saturday, October 7th 2000 to help out at the second annual Jim Philips Celebrity Shoot at TM Ranch. The event is a giant fundraiser for The Mustard Seed, an organization that helps people down on their luck no matter what the reason. It’s a skeet shooting tournament like no other - various personalities are teamed up with listeners from The Philips Phile, a show Disco Scottie has been both a friend to and a fan of for a very long time.
(L to R) Ice, Phat Tomm, Disco Scottie.

This year, Disco was a proud member of "Team Hood", led by Phat Tomm (known on The Philips Phile for his urban translations) and Ice (known around the world for kicking butt on American Gladiators).

The proof's in the shooting. (click to enlarge)
Along with Philips fans Boozer and Jason, the group of five didn’t exactly set the world on fire, but they didn’t suck either. Disco Scottie, holding a shotgun in his hands for only the fourth time ever, shot a very respectable 42 out of 80. He even tied a pro-level Olympic shooter at one of the tougher stations, nailing 7 of 8!

Nice boat, Disco.
In addition to discovering his latent shooting skills, Disco Scottie got lucky during the door prize raffle, winning himself a one-person lime-green kayak. Ironically, Disco can’t swim, and hardly ever goes out in the water. He doesn’t even like standing under the water in the shower to wash his hair. And you should have seen him trying to fit the thing into his little Geo Metro!

If you'd like to see more photos from the event, you can visit the Real Radio website and click on the link to The Philips Phile.

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